Administrative procedures

Identity documents or passport, driving license, rental or employment contract, purchase of real estate, subscription to urban networks or the internet, etc. ...

these are sometimes simple steps ... sometimes a little more obscure!!


Important clarification: This article was written in April 2020 and deals with regulation at the time we mention it!

DNI/NIE/TIE : What is it really?

In Spanish territory, the National Identity Card (CNI) is a document in the format of a credit card (tarjeta).
There are 2 cases:

  1. For local people :
    The "Documento Nacional de Identidad" (DNI), which is a white, plasified card that identifies its owner by an unique and personal number.
    It is an official document with photo that, like the Spanish passport, proves its spanish identity. Add a comment

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Almost as numerous as in France, official documents keep a very strong legal value in Spain and it is advisable to always carry with you, at least your DNI or NIE.

Mobile, internet, operators, infrastructures, qualities of the network,...
Spain is way ahead in all these areas and sometimes makes better than its neighbors on this technological sectors.

It is very easy to come to study throughout Spain, there are many exchange programs and everything is done to make life easier for newcomers.
Whether for an internship or for a complete cycle, each student will be able to integrate very easily and follow his course in so far as he masters a minimum the language.