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Borredà is a village located on a plateau between the mountains 20 minutes from Berga.
You get there by a winding road and after passing Vilada, another stage village from which you can also do many hikes.

Previously, just after Berga and before starting this road which winds towards Vilada and Borredà, it is possible to stop at the lake "Pantà de la Baells" which offers many aquatic and outdoor activities. In particular, on the "Indomit" or "the Moli del Cavaller".
It is also possible to reach Borredà from the other side, not by Berga but by Ripoll.

Borredà is not particularly large but has a lot of charm because the vast majority of the houses are dressed in traditional stone and the center of the village offers a beautiful cobbled square on which the church stands out and invites you to visit.
As in any self-respecting Catalan village, there are several bars-restaurants, 2 grocery stores, a bakery, a sports complex and, above all, several "cases rurales" for sleeping.

After parking easily in the large parking located on the lower part of the village, we begin our journey by following a circuit found on Wikiloc.
We start early (6:50 am) to take advantage of the freshness (15 °) at this time of year (June 28) when it gets very hot very quickly. Therefore, it is still slightly dark.
We leave the village by quietly descending from the parking to arrive on a small municipal road ...


In the distance, we can see the mountains.


On the road that we follow for about 1 km before taking a dirt road, we meet some eccentric houses.



Despite an approximate GPS which is difficult to center on the Wikiloc route, we easily follow the path indicated since it is a marked forest track, lined with a GR trail that we can take in parallel on almost all the way.
Apart from a few relatively short descents and climbs, the route does not involve any major difficulties.
The only souls encountered are 3 deers and a herd of cows -with bells!- before arriving at the hermitage.